In a town where the local skateshop doubled as a ladies handbag boutique he found his first board abandoned in the rain. A few years later he was blowing minds in contests all over Europe.

The impact Arto has had on skateboarding cannot be understated, Epicly Later’d says it all.

These days he spends his time skating, shooting photos and raising his daughter.

Born: Seinajoki, Finland
Currently: Los Angeles, California
Deck: Flip
Footwear: New Balance Numeric
Clothes: WeSC
Wheels: Ricta Wheels
Mail Order: CCS
Grip: MOB
Trucks: Destructo
Canteen: Mizu
Timepiece: Home
Tacos: Never say never
Books: Papillon and Shantaram. Two best books ever!
Show: Julian Schnabel, Creativetime Gala, sneak peak.
Sidemission: Palau, Death Valley, Supai and every sidemission to Spain.

"I remember my brother doing Judo airs with his friends off a jump ramp they set up in the street."

"We would drag plywood and two by fours out of building sites and construct the ramps and boxes we’d designed in daydreams on the back of our school books."